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SwampDonky - All Over The Map


SwampDonky - All Over The Map

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Zini Music

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SwampDonky's debut EP, All Over The Map, showcases the band's classic-rock-inspired sound which is both hard and edgy while maintaining a melodic and bluesy feel. The high quality of the band's musicianship really stands out in the music.

What is Mine, the signature track on the EP, was awarded track of the day honors at This track highlights Joel's powerful vocals and Tommy's complete domination on guitar.

Way Too Far explores the band's pop/rock side and has a great hook! Half A Chance is a darker, driving hard rock song that gets your heart pumping. Reputation is a dynamic song that is more bluesy and melodic featuring keyboards and an acoustic interlude.

Disc 1
1.Way Too Far
2.Half A Chance
3.What Is Mine