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SwampDonky - Off The Hook


SwampDonky - Off The Hook

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Zini Music

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With their latest release, Off The Hook, SwampDonky has injected some adrenaline into their already polished sound. Additionally, the band explores new musical ground on this record by incorporating female backup vocals and the baritone saxophone on various tracks.

The CD kicks off with the high-energy instrumental track, Beg, which would be ideal mood or theme music for a snowboarding, wakeboarding, motocross or other extreme sports video. Borrow is a dynamic rock song that builds from start to finish and really showcases Joel's pipes.

The band gets funky with A Long Time Comin' which features the baritone saxophone and three-part harmonies on the chorus. Drive tastefully integrates analog keyboard tones with rock guitar, and has a terrific melodic hook giving it a pop/rock appeal.

With Realize, the band resurrected an oldie but goodie that hadn't been recorded previously. This tune is reminiscent of a 70's hard rock song with some grit and growl in the low end and a nice polish on top. Tommy Huxley's guitar really shines on Captured, which is packed with riffs and cool textures.

The most alternative sounding track on the record is Coming Down, which features more modern guitar and bass tones and incorporates feedback, heavy reverb and modulation.

Disc 1
3.A Long Time Comin'
6.Captured (Where Have You Been?)
7.Coming Down